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Injection Instructions

As you begin your journey toward the family you have always dreamed of, and throughout the process, you may be prescribed specific medications to aid progress. We have compiled the following instructional videos and other resources for reference during your treatment. If you have specific questions or concerns about your fertility medications or any other aspect of your treatment, please contact Dr. Littman and her team of experts for additional assistance.


A female hormone that is similar to the natural progesterone that the body makes, given to women when their bodies are not producing enough progesterone. Specifically for women who are not pregnant, have not gone through menopause, and are looking to get pregnant, Progesterone in Oil injections are given to these women to restore normal menstrual periods that have, for some reason, stopped. An additional use of the treatment is for abnormal bleeding from the uterus, due to low hormone levels.


A form of human growth hormone, specifically for the growth and muscles and bones. This type of infertility treatment is used to treat these growth failures in people who lack a natural growth hormone. Specifically, this is an enhancement of aromatase activity that is need to convert testosterone into estrogen within the body, to make it possible for women to ovulate.


Used for women who have ovaries that can produce a follicle, but the hormonal stimulation is flawed. This infertility injection is an equal mixture of the naturally occuring follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone to help stimulate ovulation. Another use of this infertility drug is to stimulate the advancement of multiple eggs during IVF, as well as stimulating the production of sperm for men.


This is a protein hormone that is produced by the placenta that is immediately discharged after the implantation of a fertilized egg, and is necessary for a pregnancy to take place. During the early weeks of pregnancy, hcG stimulates the natural progesterone and signals the cells within the ovary to continue to release the progesterone and causes the woman to miss their menstrual cycle.


This treatment contains the active ingredient, folliropin alfa. This is the synthetic version of the natural sex hormone to help either men or women going through infertility. As the Gonal-F treatment is injected, the folliropin alfa can help stimulate the production of eggs in women who are encountering problems with ovulation that may have been caused by a deficiency of natural LH and FSH. This treatment is also used to assist the IVF process. Through Gonal-F, the follicle stimulating hormone directly affects the ovaries in women and the testicles in men.


Ganirelix acetate, formally known as Antagon, is a gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist used specifically to prevent premature ovulation happening in women going through different fertility procedures. This infertility treatment is used to help take control of the woman’s reproductive system, blocking the luteinizing hormone to delay ovulation, managing the egg release schedule and process.


This infertility injection, called Follistim, is used to treat women who have difficulties when it comes to ovulation, and as a result are unable to become pregnant. Follistim works to help stimulate the development of eggs in the ovary. This type of treatment can also be used to help assist in virtro fertilization. Ultimately, Follistim stimulated the ovaries to aid the woman’s body during the reproduction process, a blend of fertility aids mixed within an aqeous solution.


This type of infertility medication is used specifically to prevent premature ovulation. Simply known as an antagonist, this is a newer medication used in women but has grown in popularity due to its easy use and high pregnancy rates. Cetrotide works by exerting the medication on the pituitary gland, which then produces hormones, stimulating egg growth and triggers ovulation of the mature egg.