While some people get pregnant on the very first try, many others are not so fortunate. Infertility affects a growing number of women in the United States today, and can be a very stressful problem. When a woman who has been trying without success to get pregnant and comes to the conclusion that she may need medical intervention, she will have many questions and not a lot of answers at first.

Is the problem with her or with her partner? What tests need to be done to answer this question? Assuming she opts to undergo fertility treatments, how good are the chances of achieving conception and how much will it cost? These are just a few of the unknowns which can make the idea of considering infertility treatment stressful.That’s where the experts at Red Rock Fertility Center come in. They will start by discovering what may be impeding a woman’s ability to get pregnant, and then offer solutions.

We know fertility

Dr. Eva Littman has spent many years not only discovering the underlying cause of infertility but have stellar success rates with helping couples conceive. In fact, the IVF Program at Red Rock Fertility boasts a take-home baby rate of 70% on the very first cycle of treatment! This number far exceeds the national average compared to other fertility centers in the United States. They go above and beyond the call of duty because helping couples achieve the goal of starting a family is not their profession — it’s their passion. They understand that infertility can be confusing and scary and take the guesswork out of the whole process by explaining in detail every step of the infertility treatments they perform. In addition, patients meet with their doctors at every visit, and are never made to feel ignored. The fertility experts at RRF aim to relieve any concerns by taking all of the guesswork out of infertility.

To us, you’re family

The number one goal of the staff at RRF is to make every woman who visits their facility feel comfortable and confident with the care they receive. Patients are greeted by name and treated with respect while they are helped through every part of the process, from finances to testing and treatment by the compassionate and friendly staff. Book a consultation today and put the future of your family in the capable hands of the experts at Red Rock Fertility Center.

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