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Baby of the month, Wonder
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Before my husband and I met when I was 39, we had both been fully invested in our careers; me as a professional actress, he as an Air Force mechanic. Once we were married, we tried to have kids and were unsuccessful for a year. That’s when we were referred to Dr. Littman.

The idea of fertility treatment was kind of mind-blowing to us both. We didn’t feel we were that old or unhealthy. But we knew, if we wanted to grow our family, we had to seriously consider our options. Thankfully, upon our first consult with Dr. Littman, we knew we were in the right place. IVF and infertility is a roller coaster journey and our case was no exception. We went through our share of challenges in all aspects of our life that tested our strength. But despite all the waiting and frustration and tears, on May 19, 2015, we finally transferred two amazing embryos and one stuck!

We will be forever grateful for our healthy, happy baby girl and don’t know where we would be without Dr. Littman and her entire Red Rock team.