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Red Rock Fertility Center babies of the month, Sawyer & Miles
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Sawyer & Miles

We chose to seek fertility treatment after we had been trying to conceive for a few years. We are a young couple so we assumed we wouldn’t have any issues getting pregnant. We became concerned when we couldn’t get pregnant, so we began our fertility journey over the course of a couple years. When looking into specific clinics, our military doctor referred us to Red Rock Fertility.

Our experience at Red Rock Fertility was great. We were there for about a year total, I believe. We were diagnosed as unknown infertility, which was frustrating to be honest. We began with hormone shots and then eventually did IVF. Luckily we had a successful retrieval of three embryos. We became pregnant on our first round of implantation. We put one boy embryo in that split into two! Because of our successful experience, yes, we would recommend Red Rock Fertility to others. Not only did we have a wonderful experience, but certain employees went above and beyond during our care. Leticia was great and always answered any questions I would have. Holly, the phlebotomist, was fantastic. The front desk employees were always welcoming. Additional support from Red Rock included showing us our options for financing for IVF as well as medication programs that were available.

Overall, everything was organized and easy to understand. They explained what each part of IVF could cost. They were also very thorough with explaining how my cycle would go and the dates we would have to have things done. To make our experience a more personal process, it helped that I always had Leticia as my go to person and I wasn’t going back and forth between liaisons. I enjoyed being able to contact her for all of my needs.

As a new family, we love just spending time together. We enjoy our daily walks as well as our swimming lessons. We love every single moment we have with our babies and we are so blessed to have them. We are so thankful that we are a successful IVF story. We are so thankful to Red Rock Fertility for helping us become a family of four. Our lives are full of diapers, feedings, and snuggles and we wouldn’t want it any other way.