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Red Rock Fertility Center baby of the month, the Nitta Family
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Nitta Family

Those who watched season 11 of ‘The Biggest Loser’ remember contestant Sarah Nitta saying that she wanted to lose weight to become healthy enough to bear children. She did! She lost a whopping 106 pounds. But when a round of fertility treatments and In Vitro Fertilization in 2011 ended in disappointment, she felt she needed some time for her heart and body to heal before attempting another IVF cycle.

So the eager to be parents, Jason and Sarah, thought they would try adoption. During that time, Dr. Littman recommended that they try a round of Clornid (a fertility drug that stimulates ovulation). Not knowing that they would be chosen so quickly, they were overjoyed when the call came through. They had been chosen to be the parents of a baby girl due to be born in June (pictured on the left above).

Now with the excitement of being parents building and the stress of trying to get pregnant quietly subsiding, the couple received even more great news. Just three weeks after the couple was chosen for adoption, they found out they were pregnant and due in October – not one, but two miracles coming to the Nitta family. The road to motherhood wasn’t easy, but It was definitely worth It in the end, as are all great things in life.