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Baby of the month, Madden
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Beginning our journey to grow a family, we had tried for two years on our own with little success. We did some research and found Dr. Littman at Red Rock Fertility Center. We did two rounds with Dr. Littman and they didn’t stay. Our insurance changed on our third attempt, we were beginning to lose hope. We then started a go-fund-me page where friends and family donated enough for us to try one last round. And of course, it was successful!

The reason we chose Red Rock Fertility Center was a combination of good reviews and a meeting with Joanne and Dr. Littman. We then knew that we were in the right place. When we began our fertility journey, we started at the old Red Rock location, off of Sunset, and we were very optimistic. Everyone was so nice and supportive, especially Joanne. When beginning, my wife was very anxious and Dr. Littman calmed her each time the rounds didn’t work and encouraged us to not give up. Because of service and support we received, of course, we recommend Red Rock Fertility Center to others and continue to do so today.

All the staff was beyond amazing. From drawing blood to collecting samples to ultrasounds, to exams, and numerous office visits, we were always warmly welcomed. Once we found success in our last round of treatments, we welcomed our baby Madden to the world and we are planning on coming back for me.