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Baby of the month, Grady
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When we got married, we knew we wanted to spend a few years having fun and traveling as a party of two. Three years later, we were ready to start a family and after a year of trying with no success, we decided to visit a fertility specialist. Our OBGYN recommended Red Rock Fertility Center and after doing a bit of research and talking with our insurance company, we were empowered to move forward with the team.

We are so glad that we chose Red Rock to help us bring Grady into our family. We were very fortunate to have generated successful embryos on our first round and maintained a successful pregnancy on our first implantation, both of which we credit to our minor fertility issues and the processes and techniques of Dr. Littman and the team. In addition to a successful pregnancy, everyone was so wonderful and supportive. Leticia, our Coordinator, shows a genuine level of care and concern for her patients and answered all of our questions during the process.

We would definitely recommend Red Rock to anyone struggling to have a child and are excited to see everyone again when we implant for a second pregnancy in the future.