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Baby of the month, Elanor
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Ever since their wedding in 2010, mom and dad had longed to be parents. Despite several attempts. they had not found success. Mom was of advanced maternal age (over 40) and had been diagnosed by hysterosalpingogram as having a bicornuate shaped uterus.

In 2012 they turned to Red Rock Fertility for help. Dr. Littman was immediately able to determine that the abnormality was not a bicornuate shaped uterus, but was actually a large uterine septum which was preventing mom from staying pregnant.Through a hysteroscopy. Dr. Littman was able to correct the problem.

After a brief recover period mom and dad began their first IVF cycle and had success with their very first implantation! They became pregnant with baby Elanor and mom was able to carry her to a healthy delivery. Congratulations to mom, dad and Elanor.