When seeking fertility treatments, Ryan and I were a little older in life and we just knew we wanted to have a family. WE didn’t want to wait, and we wanted to make sure to have a healthy baby. When looking into fertility centers, my husband researched fertility locations and found that Red Rock was closest to us and had great reviews.

During our experience at Red Rock Fertility Center, Ryan and I had to go through a total of two cycles. Our first unsuccessful egg retrieval was within two months after our first appointment. We were disappointed with the results, however still hopeful to start a family. Dr. Littman wanted to have a successful second egg retrieval and she didn’t rush into the next one, even though at times we wanted to just go for it. She monitored me every month for six months until everything looked right. The second egg retrieval was a success with two embryos, a girl and boy. Amelia was our first transfer. We are so excited and hopeful the second takes later this year. We feel very blessed. Because of this, we would recommend Red Rock to others.

When it came to above and beyond service during our care, Leticia was amazing. In addition to this, Dr. Littman suggested out of the box thinking and we used HGH to help conceive. Overall, the process was simple through Red Rock Fertility Center. However, emotionally draining. The complete process took us eight months. It was so nice to have the surgery center located right next door, so convenient.

As a new family, we just love spending time together. Amelia has already been on the plane twice, once to Utah at 3 weeks, and once to Hawaii at 3 months. She even has her own frequent flyer number. On the weekends, we love going in the pool, and she is a natural, she already kicks and tries to swim. Simplicity is best.