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April baby of the month, Alexis
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After a long three-year struggle with infertility, Mom and Dad decided to reach out to Red Rock Fertility Center. The couple met with Dr. Eva Littman who found that there were two things working against them. Dad was suffering from Male Factor Infertility, while Mom had an elevated follicle-stimulating hormone level of 18, which means she has a decreased ovarian reserve.

For the best chance at success, Dr. Littman recommended In Vitro Fertilization. The couple retrieved four eggs, but it only takes one good egg, and that’s exactly what happened!

Nine months later they welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Alexis. Congratulations to Alexis, our April Baby of the Month.

Red Rock Fertility Center is Nevada’s one and only boutique-style center specializing in personalized physician care and expertise in an intimate, cozy setting. Giving the gift of life all year long.