Freezing sperm is a process by which a man utilizes a fertility treatment center for the purposes of storing and preserving sperm, thus allowing him to father children in the future. There are several circumstances in which a man may choose to freeze his sperm.

It is generally common knowledge that a man who intends to have children in the future but must undergo testicular surgery, chemotherapy or radiation is advised to freeze sperm prior to treatment. The effect of these procedures is widely known to cause a decrease in or even complete cessation of the production of healthy sperm.

A lesser known fact, however, is men who choose to have their families later in life are subject to the same advice. Until recently, the misconception existed that only women suffered a decrease in fertility as they aged. Experts now agree that age plays a large role in the quality of men’s sperm as well.

Finally, men who decide to have vasectomies are also counseled to think about freezing sperm in case they have a change of heart and decide to father a child down the line.

Give yourself the gift of time

Because none of us knows what the future holds, the fertility specialists at the top-rated Red Rock Fertility Center encourage you to “leverage your bets.” It is becoming more and more common for men to come to see Dr. Eva Littman, the founder of our fertility center in Las Vegas and a renowned reproductive endocrinologist, seven or eight years after they’ve had a vasectomy. Research has shown, however, that sperm produced after a vasectomy reversal is lower quality and may necessitate more expensive and involved fertility treatments than sperm which has been stored prior to vasectomy.

Life is an unpredictable adventure and there is simply no way of knowing where you will be in five or ten years. Stored sperm can be viable up to 12 years or more after it is frozen. For many men, preserving the option to father a child is invaluable.

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If any of the above situations apply to you or if you just want the security of knowing that you can father a child in the future, call Red Rock Fertility today. Our staff is friendly, informative and helpful. The will assist you in making the fertility decision which is right for you.

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