Las Vegas is one of the premier tourist destinations in the world. It is home to spectacular five-star resorts, restaurants and shops and unparalleled entertainment and nightlife. Outdoor enthusiasts will find a whole host of adventures waiting to be had — from hiking the awesome Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area to taking a hot-air balloon tour of the Las Vegas Valley.

Las Vegas is also home to Red Rock Fertility Center. Red Rock is redefining the standard in fertility treatment for patients in Las Vegas as well as the surrounding areas. Dr. Eva Littman, founder and practice director at Red Rock, has designed a modern, boutique-style center, the goal being to provide patients with individualized care in a more private and intimate environment. Dr. Littman, voted Top Infertility Doctor in Las Vegas for 2012-2015 brings a level of expertise to treating even the most challenging of infertility cases. Together with her staff of two highly-qualified embryologists Dr. Littman is committed to providing the highest quality of care to their patients.

We’ve Got One of the Highest Success Rates in the Country

When considering whether or not to seek the services of a fertility clinic, look at their egg donor success rates. Typically, this type of fertility treatment is used by couples when the women has no eggs or the eggs she has are of very poor in quality. In these cases, the patient should have a high probability of getting pregnant. In 2011, Red Rock’s donor cycles had a 90% success rate compared with the national average of approximately 60% between fresh and frozen transfers. What does this mean? It means that 90% of their patients that received embryos were at least 16 weeks pregnant from just one donor cycle!

The UltraIVF Program at Red Rock Fertility boasts a “take-home” baby rate of between 75-80% after just one cycle in women under the age of 35. This is the direct result of strict medical management combined with a state-of-the-art IVF laboratory and genetic screening. Red Rock has one of the most advanced IVF labs in Las Vegas as well as most of the West Coast and is the only certified clean room IVF lab in Nevada.

Red Rock Fertility Center Provides a Caring Environment

The staff of Red Rock Fertility specializes in providing personalized care designed to lower patient stress levels in order to provide for better pregnancy outcomes. Dr. Littman will be available for all appointments and will be able to address personal concerns, answer questions, and provide information and options throughout the course of a patient’s fertility treatment. At Red Rock, you not just another “number,” but a valued patient. Call today to schedule your consultation.

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