So you and your partner have been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for quite some time now, and you have decided it’s time to seek professional help. A wise choice, but to whom should you turn? With all of the so-called experts around the country promising you a successful pregnancy, it may be difficult to weed out those who are simply in it to make a profit, and those who truly have your best interests at heart. For that reason, there are a few things that you should consider when making your decision.

First and foremost on your list of criteria should be the center’s pregnancy success rate. For example, at Red Rock Fertility in Las Vegas, Nevada, the take-home baby rate far exceeds the national average. Red Rock boasts a success rate of nearly 80% after the first IVF cycle for women under 35, and and egg donor pregnancy rate of 90%, a stark contrast to the nationwide average of 60%. A clinic’s pregnancy success numbers serve as an indicator of their underlying commitment to each patient’s success and highlight the extent of their expertise in solving the most complicated of fertility issues.

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Another criterion to look at is how experienced the physicians on staff are. Prospective patients should do a thorough check of each doctor’s background and look at any awards the staff has garnered, as well as publications and other distinctions associated with the center’s professionals. A careful examination of Red Rock Fertility’s experts showcase residencies at some of the most respected medical institutions in the country, combined with a host of honors, including a recent rating by Las Vegas magazine as the top fertility doctor in Las Vegas. But while these factors may contribute to your chances of conception, they don’t hint at the nature of your overall fertility treatment experience.

Why is Red Rock different?

At Red Rock Fertility of Las Vegas, we specialize in treating the whole patient. Our caring staff believes that empathy and compassion are as important to your fertility health as are tests and procedures.

While you may be just a number at other fertility practices, our boutique-style center will provide you with a private and intimate experience that will reduce your stress level and lead to a more enjoyable experience. Dr. Littman allows ample time to answer all of your questions in a manner that respects your feelings and helps alleviate your worry.

Are you ready for your family?

You’ve taken the most important step in your quest to start a family, seeking professional help to aid in your efforts. Which fertility expert you choose will have a significant impact on your success. If your search centers on fertility centers in Las Vegas, you will find that there is only one clear choice: Red Rock Fertility. Contact Red Rock today, and get started with the next phase of your life — becoming a parent. It may be the most important call you ever make.

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