If you have been researching fertility doctors in Las Vegas, you most likely have a list of criteria by which you rate each specialist. Likely to be on every potential patient’s list is the quality of the doctor’s education and experience, how well they are respected in their field, and the pregnancy success rate of the clinic with which they are associated. Dr. Eva Littman, founder of Red Rock Fertility, scores exceptionally high in all of the aforementioned categories.

After having received her formal education and serving her residency at Duke University, Dr. Littman was awarded a fellowship in infertility at Stanford. She boasts an impressive body of published research, and currently heads a state-of-the-art fertility clinic whose pregnancy success rates far exceed those of the nation. And her more than two decades of helping couples conceive has led to her being named as one of the top Las Vegas doctors multiple times. But although those are all excellent reasons to trust your reproductive future to Dr. Littman, there is something else about her that may be equally important.

Eva’s not just a fertility doctor; she’s a mother as well

For Dr. Eva Littman, infertility is not just a science — it’s a passion. As the mother of three children, she has personally experienced both the heartbreak of infertility and the joy of conception. Having undergone some of the very same procedures as her patients gives her a level of understanding that very few doctors can match. To Eva, her patients are not just medical cases, but real people, complete with hopes and dreams, fears and worries. She understands firsthand the desire of her patients to conceive. And the empathy she has for her patients is evident in the private and stress-free experience she has designed her fertility clinic to provide. In fact the commitment she has to help couples conceive has inspired Dr. Littman to specialize in the most difficult of cases, including those in which the woman has a less than 5% chance of conceiving naturally.

Her mission is to help you get pregnant

While the ultimate goal is for you to get pregnant by any means possible, fertility treatment like IUI or IVF can be stressful and emotionally difficult And those are factors that can interfere with conception. Your journey can be made smoother by a doctor who can empathize with your experience and will treat you with the care and concern that you deserve. When you are ready to choose a fertility doctor, make sure you look beyond the accolades and titles, and opt for a physician that has your best interests at heart. It might just be the key to your success.

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