Why Is Infertility Increasing?



The infertility population is growing drastically and I am not very happy with what I am seeing. I think that it’s a result of the environment, the toxins that are being placed into our environment on a daily basis. Those things are directly contributing towards infertility, and I’m getting busier and busier with every passing year and I definitely believe that is a result of worldwide toxins because we’re seeing infertility increase not just in the United States of America, but I see a lot of patients from Canada, from the UK, from Japan, everywhere and I think it’s the result of increased manufacturing in order to make things more convenient and in order to do that, they have to institute preservatives of other toxic substances that will allow our produce, our skin creams, all of the things that we use and intake into our bodies on a regular basis, those products contain things that are toxic to fertility.



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