What Should You Avoid When Trying To Get Pregnant?



I would say some of the most detrimental toxins that can be hazardous to your fertility are pesticides, also BPA, like things that are found in a lot of the plastics that are used on a regular basis and then in sunscreens. The Oxybenzone, Dioxybenzone, all of those things have been shown, if you go to SkinDeep.com, to be reproductively hazardous. The safer sunscreens are the ones that contain zinc-oxide and things like that where it reflects the sunlight rather than absorbing the UV rays into the body. These Benzones can be kind of estrogenic and can cause fertility problems.

When you look at organic products, you really have to scrutinize whether they’re truly organic or parading it as organic. There are a lot of things that are labeled organic, which are not 100% organic. In order to get the certification, unfortunately you don’t have to have 100% of the contents to be organic. You just have to have the majority, or like 80%, and so therefore, there can still be toxic contaminations such as pesticides and other toxins in organic products. I know it’s a lot of research and everything that has to go into it and time and such. People don’t have the time to put into it, but it’s really worth it if you can look up some of the manufacturers, some of the producers and see how the produce is being developed and exactly what is going into it. How your meat is being developed.

Now there are meats that are being paraded around as organic because there’s no testing for other hormones that are in the meat, such as Zerinol. Zerinol is a progesterone like substance that causes cows to grow faster, but doesn’t get detected in the usual tests for growth hormones. There’s a lot of ways around the system and therefore you have to be very careful when you’re picking out your meats, your vegetables, and your produce.

Anything that’s going to go into your body can cause a toxic or hazardous reproductive reaction you definitely want to start avoiding if you’re getting ready to conceive.



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