How Men Can Prepare for the Fertility Center Visit



I would say that the most enjoyable part of my career is dealing with my male patients. When I first went into OB/GYN I didn’t think I’d have any male patients and now half of my patients are male and I thoroughly enjoy interacting with them. I find that they are very apprehensive to begin with, and that’s why we have an online survey that they can fill out which asks them questions like “do you have trouble with your erections? How many times a week to you masturbate?” Things like that are done on a survey so there’s not the direct interaction with me as far as that, but I get to read the information and learn more about what could be contributing to the process or whether or not they’re infertile.

I would say that the main question that I get from men or the main statement that they’ll say to me sometimes is “I have had previous paternity, but I don’t want my wife to know” or “I have had a previous disease, but I don’t want my wife to know” and so those things are very important in the process and they are items that I need to know and I do want those items related to me so that I can make a judgment on whether or not you have the potential to be fertile at this moment.



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