How IVF Patients Benefit From a Certified Clean Room?



Providing a Certified Clean Room is a very expensive process. The level of filtration that you need in order to reach those standards is very expensive. We have provided that because of the fact that I care about whether or not the patient gets pregnant. I will do everything within my power to provide the right environment for that embryo to succeed and so I believe heavily in anything that I know that contributes to the embryo’s progression. I want those factors controlled and that’s what we do in our lab here at Red Rock Fertility Center. We control the temperature, the pH of the environment. All of these things are tightly controlled so that the embryo goes through a lot less fluctuation.

I have also actually provided more incubators in the lab than what is needed to carry out the number of cycles that we are doing because to me, the individual incubation plays a huge role in whether or not the embryo will be successful. The more the door is open to the embryo’s, the more fluctuation they undergo when they are trying to progress and develop into what’s going to be a baby someday so therefore we like to limit the amount of times we need to open and close the doors to the incubator and by having individual incubation units, we can do that here at Red Rock Fertility Center. We’ve seen that not only are the success rates high, but the babies are smart, beautiful and everything you’d love them to be.



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