How Fertility Center’s Pregnancy & IVF Success Rates Are Really Measured



I think a lot of people choose their fertility clinic by looking online at what they have posted for their success rates and I would caution people not to do that. An average success rate is simply that. It’s an average, and so if you only put people into your pool of success rates that have a 70% chance, then your clinic’s going to have an average success rate of 70%.

I would caution people to look more at the range of the type of patient that a clinic is taking. The more difficult patient is going to have a success rate of about 10% per cycle. So, if a clinic is seeing patients that have a 10% success rate and their average success rate is 30-40%, then that is actually an achievement, not a disappointment and so I would caution those that just look at the number, simply the number, that is put down for a success rate because every individual has a different success rate depending on how many previous cycles they have failed, what their FSH level is, what their egg quality is, how much ovarian reserve they have, meaning how many eggs they have left on the ovary, what the sperm quality is of the male. Has he previously been able to fertilize an egg on his own, or has previous paternity? What his age is. What the age of the female is. I mean there are so many different factors that go into determining what a person’s success rate is that you cannot simply look at the age, which is the usual parameter that we list on a success rate chart on an internet website. You can’t just look at the age of the female and determine that.

I would say if you want to only look at a certain number, what you should look at is the donor success rate, the egg donor success rate. Egg donors are picked for their fertility, not for their infertility so therefore they should not have a certain degree of infertility in that patient pool. So therefore that number should be an accurate measurement of the clinic that you’re looking at. That is the only number that I would look at. Egg donors usually have a normal FSH, are usually under the age of 30 and they have normal menstrual cycles. They should have on national average about 50-55% success rate, anything lower than that, I would not recommend that you visit that particular clinic.



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