How We Avoid Frozen Embryo Transfer Mix Ups?



I’d say one of the most frequently asked questions is how to avoid mixing up the embryos and having and owning an IVF center, that’s one of the things that I have to worry about. Basically in order to limit the amount of worrying and sleepless nights, what we do is specialize in having individual incubation units so therefore your dishes are not on the same shelf with another person’s dishes and also we have two in house embryologists who do back to back identifications when they’re doing anything like an embryo transfer or inseminating eggs so that way we have a double back up system on the identification of whose embryos we are transferring and also during the incubation process your embryos are on a separate compartment from other people’s embryos.

Because of installing all of these double checks and various different identity confirming procedures at our clinic, we have had zero mix ups of embryos, eggs or sperm to this date and in the future I don’t anticipate to have any mix ups or misidentifications at all as well, which allows me to sleep very well at night.



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