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Becoming a Gestational Carrier

The team at Red Rock Fertility will refer you to Gestational Concepts, one of our preferred Gestational Carrier Agencies, where you can apply to become a gestational carrier. Gestational Carrier Cycles are done via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), where fertilized eggs from another woman are implanted into the carriers uterus. This is a very different option from traditional surrogacy. Red Rock Fertility only offers Gestational Carrier Cycles at our center.


The Process

If a woman cannot produce healthy eggs, or in the case of a same sex male couple, the patient(s) can choose an egg donor whose eggs can be fertilized with the male partner’s sperm or that from a sperm donor. Couples then undergo in vitro fertilization to produce their own embryo that will be placed in the uterus of the gestational carrier, who will carry the baby until it is born.


A completed pre-application is required to see if one is eligible to become a gestational carrier. Following the approval of the pre-application, Gestational Concepts will provide an official gestational carrier application. A phone interview will then be conducted to finalize the application. A background check will also be required.

 The gestational carrier will be required to obtain a psychological and medical evaluation which consists of a physical exam, STD screening and a sonohysterogram, by the clinic.

 The carrier will receive separate legal representation to protect her interests. Independent counsel is necessary to make sure all parties are comfortable with the arrangement.

 The contract is signed, the gestational carrier’s fee is put into the escrow account and the medical process commences.

 The gestational carrier’s uterus development is synchronized with the development of the eggs, so that implantation will take place at the appropriate time. This process takes approximately 3 weeks.

Happy couple with newborn baby

 If pregnancy is achieved, a court order is obtained in the gestational carrier’s resident state (this is possible in many states). It instructs the hospital to place the intended parents’ names on the birth certificate of any child born as a result of this arrangement.

 An attorney will guide the intended parents through the process of obtaining newborn insurance coverage for the baby’s hospital stay after birth.

If you are interested in becoming a gestational carrier,  fill out a pre-application by clicking on the link below.


To learn more about becoming a Gestational Carrier, please fill out our contact form below, or contact Gestational Concepts at