Trying to get pregnant, but not having any success? With every negative pregnancy result, your feelings range from disappointment to frustration and anger. Anticipating your pregnancy and starting a family should be a joyous time in your life, but if you are experiencing infertility, that joyful feeling can turn to sadness and a sense of loss.

Artificial insemination or “Intrauterine Insemination” (IUI) can help you to realize your dream of becoming a parent. For many couples, intrauterine insemination is the first step in fertility treatments because it is less invasive and less expensive than assisted reproductive technologies such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). IUI is often the treatment of choice where male infertility is an issue or when the female has problems with ovulation. Instead of “letting nature take its course,” IUI is simply giving Mother Nature a “helping hand!”

IUI may be the solution you’re looking for

With IUI, a sample of sperm is placed inside a thin, transfer catheter which is then inserted through the cervix. The sperm are then injected and swim up to the fallopian tubes where fertilization of the egg occurs. The process of IUI does not require anesthesia and is not painful for the patient. It is a simple procedure which results in few if any side effects.

For women who do not ovulate regularly, fertility medications can be used in conjunction with IUI in order to stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs. The number of mature eggs is monitored to keep the incidence of multiple births to a minimum. Success rates for IUI range from 10-20%, depending upon the age of the woman and the quality of the sperm. Sperm can come from a woman’s partner or be donated from a sperm bank.

There are several pluses to using IUI as a fertility treatment. This procedure allows for fertilization to occur inside the woman’s body using her partner’s sperm. Couples experiencing male fertility problems have an easier time conceiving than by simply trying to time intercourse. Insurance frequently will cover the cost of IUI, although most companies do not cover the cost of fertility medications.

Our doctors are your fertility team

At Red Rock Fertility Center, Nevada’s leading fertility clinic, fertility expert Dr. Eva Littman has extensive experience using IUI in the treatment of patients with fertility issues. Red Rock has one the most advanced laboratories in the Las Vegas region and a team of highly-qualified embryologists who will work together with Dr. Littman to facilitate your treatments and help to ensure a successful outcome. The goal of the staff at Red Rock Fertility Center is to make your experience as relaxed and stress-free as possible. Call Red Rock to schedule a consultation and join the team that will help make your dream of a new love a reality.

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