How Egg Donation Works

Many women from various social, ethnic and educational backgrounds donate eggs. You may choose one of our in-house egg donors who are thoroughly screened for transmittable diseases and examined for possible signs of infertility.

Once the egg donor has been chosen, she begins taking stimulation medications, and after approximately 10 days of stimulation, her eggs are retrieved.

Because most of our egg donors are in their early twenties, we typically obtain 12 to 18 eggs. The eggs are usually of very high quality and have a high fertilization rate.

We use the sperm of the couple’s choice to fertilize the eggs. They are then placed in our incubators for three to five days.

Get Help Finding an Egg Donor

Dr. Littman and our embryologist will help you to decide how many embryos to transfer (usually one or two). These embryos are then transferred into the patient (not the egg donor), unless the patient is using a gestational carrier. For legal reasons, it is best to use a separate egg donor and gestational carrier. To learn more about Egg Donation schedule a consultation by filling out the form below, or call (702) 262-0079.

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